The tutorials provide step-by-step introduction to the various components of Psykinematix so you become familiar with them in just minutes ! In particular, you will learn how to:

- install and setup
- calibrate your experimental setup
- manage the subjects, groups, and sessions
- build and run experiments
- import, plot, fit, and export data

We recommend to follow the lessons in the above order. However as Psykinematix creates a default calibration configuration, you can skip the calibration tutorial if we wish to build and run experiments right now. You nevertheless have to go through the managements tutorial since at least 1 subject and 1 group have to be added before running any experiments.

Typical lessons take just a few minutes to complete. The longest one, the "Calibration" tutorial, may take from 15mn to 30mn.

You can download and print the PDF versions. More tutorials will be added over time, please check regularly the Online Documentation.

Install, setup & start learning Psykinematix  

Calibrate your experimental setup   

You should not underestimate the importance of properly calibrating your experimental setup: publishing data obtained on an uncalibrated system makes your results fruitless from a scientific point of view, and even worse can be misleading to others ! Although this is the most technical and longest tutorial, it takes actually only a few minutes to perform the whole calibration of your setup once you master the process.

Manage subjects, groups, and sessions   

In addition of keeping a list of subjects and groups, Psykinematix keeps track of the sessions through the "Subjects Panel".

Build and run experiments

We use a few standard psychophysical paradigms as basic examples to learn how to build experiments using Psykinematix. We start with their most basic implementations, and then elaborate from there. After completing these few tutorials, you will be able to create many other new or standard psychophysical experiments with Psykinematix. Your only limit will then be your imagination !

Import, plot, fit, and export data   

The "Plotter" panel offers plotting and fitting capabilities of either the recent or older sessions data.