What are the limitations of the demo or deactivated version ?
The demo and deactivated versions can still be used to create stimuli and experimental designs, but have the following limitations: experiments can be run only in windowed mode (ie NOT fullscreen); video timing check and display calibration are not performed; stimuli preview saving is limited to 128 x 128 resolution; session data are not saved into Psykinematix database. Apart from these limitations, this demo version is fully functional making it an ideal FREE educational tool in classroom to introduce visual perception and illustrate psychophysical concepts to students.

Trial version: fully functional for 15 days. After this trial period, Psykinematix runs in Demo mode.

Support: Support is provided in priority to registered customers (i.e., those who purchased one or several licenses). Support includes troubleshooting, incident tickets, help in experiment design, software and hardware customizations (See Support Package for more details).